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Advantages are a third type of characteristic, defining the little things that make a character unique and give them an edge. Some advantages represent intense training, while others simply represent quirks of personality or chances of nature, out of the control of the character and at the whims of fate. Regardless of the source, however, advantages represent a powerful tool in any character’s arsenal.

Take note that some advantages, primarily physical, are required to be purchased at character creation. This is not because of the cost but because the advantage in question is something intrinsic to the character, like their height, that they were either born with or they weren’t.

VERSIcon.png VERS Playtest v19.7 - Online Rule Reference
Book I
Player Rules
Basics What is Roleplaying? - Characters (Ranks, Character Points)
Time (Conflict Driven, Dramatic Time, Flashbacks) - Dice and Rolling
Who is Your Character? Character Concept - Momentum - Talent - Anchor - Motivation - Flaw - Relationships
What Can They Do? Power Source - Power Level - Attributes (Mental, Physical, Social, Figured, Other) - Skills (Skills in Detail)
Advantages (Mental, Physical, Social, Universal) - Abilities (Controlled Effects, Inherent Effects, Aspects) - Gear
Gameplay Combat (Mental, Physical, Social) - The Chase - Stunts - The Environment
Book II
GM Information
Optional Rules Complex Combat (Attack Locations, Stances, Fatigue and Energy, Damage Trackers)
Rules Add-Ons, System Tweaks, System Overhauls
Storytelling and Drama
Advanced Techniques
Antagonists Antagonist Creation (Sentient or Beast, Building Blocks) - Hierarchies of Villains (Minions, Grunts, Elites, Nemesis)

The Cause (True Evil, Evil for a Good Cause, Social Evil, The Players are Evil?, The Rival)

Book III
Gear Examples