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Optional Rules add flexibility, flavor, and longevity to the system, allowing veteran GMs and Players more options during character creation, GMs more ways to evoke exactly the right mood or theme, and both the abilities to not get burnt out on the system by keeping it fresh but balanced. These rules are in the GM section for a reason, and are not intended for every game, check with the GM before using any of these.

The chapter separates these optional rules into smaller categories: Complex Combat, Rules Add-Ons, System Tweaks, and System Overhauls. Complex Combat adds several possibilities to tune VERS combat into a crunchier "more realistic" style. Rules add-ons are small additions that round out the system, giving more non-combat options such as rules for journeys and vehicles. System tweaks are larger and either change an existing subsystem in a small way or are more substantial additions that may have an impact on long term balance. System overhauls are alternate takes on fundamental building blocks of the system and will completely change the experience of the game.

VERSIcon.png VERS Playtest v19.7 - Online Rule Reference
Book I
Player Rules
Basics What is Roleplaying? - Characters (Ranks, Character Points)
Time (Conflict Driven, Dramatic Time, Flashbacks) - Dice and Rolling
Who is Your Character? Character Concept - Momentum - Talent - Anchor - Motivation - Flaw - Relationships
What Can They Do? Power Source - Power Level - Attributes (Mental, Physical, Social, Figured, Other) - Skills (Skills in Detail)
Advantages (Mental, Physical, Social, Universal) - Abilities (Controlled Effects, Inherent Effects, Aspects) - Gear
Gameplay Combat (Mental, Physical, Social) - The Chase - Stunts - The Environment
Book II
GM Information
Optional Rules Complex Combat (Attack Locations, Stances, Fatigue and Energy, Damage Trackers)
Rules Add-Ons, System Tweaks, System Overhauls
Storytelling and Drama
Advanced Techniques
Antagonists Antagonist Creation (Sentient or Beast, Building Blocks) - Hierarchies of Villains (Minions, Grunts, Elites, Nemesis)

The Cause (True Evil, Evil for a Good Cause, Social Evil, The Players are Evil?, The Rival)

Book III
Gear Examples