Physical Advantages

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Physical Advantages
Advantage Description CP
Ambidexterity Use either hand equally well 1
Brawler Deal Lethal damage with fists 2
Fleet Footed +3 meters base Movement Speed 3
Gigantic Be more than 2 meters tall 3
Light Sleeper Remain partially alert while asleep 2
Perfect Body Bonuses to certain tasks 1*
Tiny Be less than 1.3 meters tall 3

The following advantages describe extraordinary capabilities a character may have that derive or primarily impact their physical natures. Some of these advantages may be from great training while others may be inborn knacks.


Ambidexterity is the ability of being able to use either left or right hand equally well. While this typically has little effect on gameplay, it does enable a character to throw off their opponents with a quick switch of sword hand, possibly qualifying for a Focus attack, or maybe still being able to do things without penalty if injured, etc. Ambidexterity costs 1 CP.


A character with the Brawler advantage is skilled with fighting unarmed. Perhaps this is from a long life full of bar-room brawls or the hard childhood of an unfortunately named child, or maybe a life of training under various masters. Whatever the reason, unarmed attacks made by the character can do lethal damage if the character so chooses. Brawler costs 2 CP.

Fleet Footed

Not all character’s are as slow as they look. Perhaps she trains for speed, or is just a natural athlete. The only thing that matters is that she is faster than average for others of her build and skill. A character with the Fleet Footed advantage gains an additional +3 meters to their base movement speed and an additional +2 to Athletics rolls related to running. Fleet Footed costs 3 CP.


A character with the Gigantic advantage is huge, standing more than 2 meters tall. This is reflected by the character having a Size of 1 (the average person has a 0). This affects the character’s starting (and maximum) Strength, movement rate, and reach. The downside is that the character has to duck to fit inside most buildings and normal clothes will not fit them. Gigantic costs 3 CP and must be purchased at character creation.

Light Sleeper

Sleeping is a dangerous endeavor in the wilderness (or a haunted house). One never knows when they may be awakened by wolves, bandits, or perhaps never awaken again. For this reason, most travelers take turns keeping watch so that each can sleep some and all can stay safe. Some characters are in less danger, however, because they have a tendency to sleep lightly.

A character with the Light Sleeper advantage gets to make a Perception roll at a -4 to avoid being ambushed in their sleep. On a success, they are awakened, although they do not necessarily understand the reason for their awakening. The character also has a chance of sleeping poorly through the night, being awoken by non-threatening noises, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and nearly anything else. The GM can call for the character to make a Resolve + Stamina roll to determine if the character had a restful sleep. Failure means the character starts with 1 point of Focus and Morale damage. Light Sleeper costs 2 CP.

Perfect Body

With Perfect Body, the character has a constitution particularly suited to dealing with certain common but negative scenarios, such as lack of sleep, consuming questionable food or drink, holding their breath, resisting diseases, resisting toxins (including alcohol), or the fatigue of a hard day’s labor. The character must choose one of these things as the subject of their Perfect Body, and they get a +2 bonus to any roll that involves that situation (GM discretion). Perfect Body costs 1 CP, and can be purchased multiple times, once for each type of resistance.


A character with the Tiny advantage is small, standing less than 1.3 meters in height. This is reflected by the character having a Size of -1 (instead of 0). While this affects the character’s starting (and maximum) Strength, Movement, and Reach, it also makes them harder to spot at a distance (+1 on Stealth rolls), able to get into tight spaces others can’t, and harder to hit when attacking them. Chairs and beds are too tall for her to sit in comfortably, and she has trouble reaching items on top shelves. The character requires special clothing and possibly other accommodations due to her size. Tiny costs 3 CP and must be purchased at character creation.

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