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  • ...t, and from their interaction a complete story unfolds. Along the way, the heroes encounter challenges, including fights with villains, and the game rules he ...'ll find here is a system, a set of rules, starting with creating your own heroes, and progressing through how to do things with them in terms of the game.
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  • ...describing things in game-terms and determining the outcome of actions the heroes take in the course of the adventure. This section describes the basic conce With its focus on the heroes, only the players make tests in Icons, the Game Master does not. Whenever a
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  • This approach tends to create heroes that fit into a somewhat more narrow range, although there's still consider
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  • ...g one hero on the team. So after the players have created their individual heroes, it is time to bring those characters together to form a team. Team creatio qualities and challenges during play, just as they can for individual heroes (see '''Choosing Aspects During Play''' under '''Determination''' on p. XXX
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  • Heroes with the Trained and Gimmick origins can only have powers from devices. Oth
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  • ...ages of action time -- is one chapter. When the scene switches back to the heroes' headquarters, another chapter begins, and so forth. The Game Master ultima ...s: if a villain launches an attack, start with the villain's panel. If the heroes spring into action, begin with their panels. Once one side's actions are re
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  • Players can influence the outcome of tests and conflicts using their heroes' Determination. ...etermination during the game for several different things, described here. Heroes gain and lose Determination as the game progresses and the characters face
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  • ...versee the creation and running of an Icons game, from the creation of the heroes to take part in the story to the design of their potential adventures, and ...Game Master's job is overseeing the process of the players creating their heroes and approving the designs they come up with. This is more art than clear-cu
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  • ...roup as a whole. Consider the super group as a single combined entity. The heroes are the group's "powers", so the villain should reflect them in some way, a ...If it comes to a fight, the master villain will be facing a whole team of heroes who will each get an action every round and who all want desperately to tak
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  • ...ver by villains with Mind Control or similar powers and turned against the heroes!
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  • "Epic fantasy" games feature grand struggles against powerful enemies, heroes who are often of noble birth (or ambition), and characters who are concerne
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  • up without a scratch. Later, while watching a documentary on costumed heroes, Jacob got the idea to fight criminals. What better way to get the juices f ...nd of the war, Paragon invited Archimedes to join him in forming a team of heroes to fight against ignorance and violence: the Justifiers. Archimedes was a c
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  • ...oderator is concerned about a villain's ability to pose a challenge to the heroes, remember that the GM can give villains any attribute or power at any rank. Powers can sometimes work quite differently for villains than it does for heroes. For example, a character with Mind Control will rarely be able to maintain
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  • ...stice those villains that the system couldn't touch, and do what the other heroes couldn't... or wouldn't.
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  • the PCs, so when it's time for them to fall back and let the heroes be heroes, do it gracefully. When your beloved villain dies at the PCs' hands, it sho has a tone of moral degradation, and the PCs are the relatively-clean heroes who are going to fight the power, you can reinforce that by stressing detai
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  • ...fiers. They recruited other Justifiers over the next six decades: stalwart heroes such as Rook, Doctor Arcane, Antiope, Dryad, Mongoose, Draconian, and Cleop ...d the game moderator provides clues or explicit instructions that lead the heroes into the rising action.
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  • ...about half-empty, many of the impressive buildings are uninhabited. If Our Heroes felt out of place in Riverton they will feel unnoticed in The Silver City. ...Lady Grey is also Immortal. Lady Grey is also the most powerful being Our Heroes will encounter Left of Center, though they may not know it.
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  • it and it's got a little power receiver in it to keep it running. Our Heroes will have to look around pretty hard to find any doo-dad with batteries to
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  • ...e its boundaries. Most of it appears to have nothing at all to do with Our Heroes.
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  • Powers can sometimes work quite differently for villains than it does for heroes. For example, a character with Possession will rarely be able to maintain t
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