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* Port BB3 changes to Jazz, where appropriate.
* Port BB3 changes to Jazz, where appropriate.
* Add [https://www.patreon.com/posts/how-im-doing-gem-25868174?utm_medium=post_notification_email&utm_source=post_link&utm_campaign=patron_engagement&token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJyZWRpc19rZXkiOiJpbnN0YW50LWFjY2Vzczo4YjRlZmUzOS0yNzRkLTRhMjQtYTVmMy1kZjhkNWJkYTVmMzgifQ.iE_BM_RKGm1aB23NV3uy6Jar7Q9apdd_Woi5sHpQD1M gem-powered magic] items to Bog-Standard Fantasy ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing Classical Chinese elements])
* Add [https://www.patreon.com/posts/how-im-doing-gem-25868174?utm_medium=post_notification_email&utm_source=post_link&utm_campaign=patron_engagement&token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJyZWRpc19rZXkiOiJpbnN0YW50LWFjY2Vzczo4YjRlZmUzOS0yNzRkLTRhMjQtYTVmMy1kZjhkNWJkYTVmMzgifQ.iE_BM_RKGm1aB23NV3uy6Jar7Q9apdd_Woi5sHpQD1M gem-powered magic] items to Bog-Standard Fantasy ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing Classical Chinese elements])
* Merge "reaction" into "free action".
==Changes (Done)==
==Changes (Done)==
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==New Complications==
==Errata (done)==
==New Advantages==

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Layout Todo

  • Add the Bulletproof power to a few characters. Give Damage Resistance and Bulletproof to Master Sin.

Layout Todo (Done)

  • Find XXX and insert page numbers and in-document links.
  • Replace space plus linebreak with linebreak.
  • Replace -- with mdash.
  • Replace ' and " with curly quotes.
  • Update the character sheet helper.



All caps.

Table Titles

Sentence case.

Power Format

  • Range if normal. Brief description. Attack value. Defense value. Range if unusual.
  • Longer description.
  • How to break out of it.
  • What happens if the target hasn't broken out of it.

Power Range

  • Normal attacks default to medium range (50 m)
  • Area powers default to short range (10 m)
  • Mental powers default to short range (10 m)
  • Unusual powers default to short range (10 m)
  • Powers which ignore normal defenses default to close range (1 m)
  • Follow through powers default to the next highest range band


  • Copy Mental Combat (Power Level) and alteration attack (Power Level) changes to other games.
  • Copy Telekinesis changes to other games, again.
  • Copy Command/Control changes to other games
  • Copy action types changes to other games
  • Copy Hold/Mind Hold changes to other games
  • Copy Plot Point changes to other games (plot points are earned by, and spent by, players)
  • Copy Blinded, Dazzle, Invisibility, unable to perceive, etc. changes to other games
  • Update character sheet helpers (BB3, BSF, RM, ZS)
  • Update links to character sheet helpers (BB3, BSF, RM, ZS)
  • Add skills to rolls in Rough Magic: Magic
  • Make the magic in Rough Magic follow the same rules as BB3.
  • Add opposed rolls for all spells in Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Add "Avoiding Traps" to Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Add follow through spells for spells in Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Port BB3 changes to Jazz, where appropriate.
  • Add gem-powered magic items to Bog-Standard Fantasy (Classical Chinese elements)


  • Merge "reaction" into "free action".

Changes (Done)

  • Prowess removed. Absorbed into Brawn
  • Accuracy removed. Absorbed into Agility
  • Willpower changed to Will
  • Remove/replace "melee" with "close combat"
  • Add "close" where "hand-to-hand" is mentioned
  • Replace "advantage" with "gift"
  • Eliminate extreme success
  • Remove/replace/update "Routine"
  • Remove/replace "Demanding"
  • Update "nigh-impossible" difficulty
  • Change "(See margin" to "(see margin"
  • Find and replace task difficulty examples; search for "target number" and "difficulty"
  • Find "staggered" and figure out what to do with it
  • Find and replace "protection value"
  • "modifier" is okay as a column heading
  • "Rank" applies only to attributes; deprecated, remove where feasible; equipment has "rating"
  • Find/fix "damage rating"; change to "action value"
  • When in doubt, round fractions down.
  • "Lifts" column to "Lift" column
  • "Throws" column to "Throw" column
  • "Breaks" column to "Break" column
  • Remove/correct references to Benchmarks table
  • Remove references to human level Brawn doing stunning damage
  • Change "exploding" and "explosive" completely; make radius work like range bands
  • Penetrating -- If an attack is penetrating, any of the attacker's dice that show a "1" are re-rolled until the die rolls higher than 1.
  • Change "ramming" to "charging"
  • Combine "Time And Movement" and "Order Of Play"
  • Rewrite section "Bonuses And Penalties"
  • Revise Endurance. Make equal to Brawn or Will, whichever is greater.
  • Search for "level", "recover", "recovers", "once", "point of", "recently"
  • Change "1 Endurance" to "one Endurance"
  • Change "below 0" to "below zero" ("equals 0", "to 0")
  • Reduce recovery time. Look at Regeneration and Meditation
  • Change recovery to "Barring some gruesome disfigurement, a character's endurance will be completely replenished after a solid night's rest."
  • A character who has lost more than half of their Endurance incurs a penalty die on all rolls
  • Capitalize Endurance
  • Combine "Combining" and "Coordinating" attacks
  • Check the "Failure" section for correctness
  • Change "Gifts#Blindfighting" to "Actions#Sensory"
  • Revise grappling
  • Check "Blindfighting", "Sensory Deprivation", "Darkness" for accuracy
  • Synchronize Grappling from [[Rough_Magic_3e_EN:Actions#Grappling]
  • Synchronize Distracting from [[Rough_Magic_3e_EN:Actions#Distracting]
  • Replace bonus with "bonus die"
  • Replace penalty with "penalty die"
  • Make bonuses and penalties cumulative, but you can always roll at least one die
  • Change "greater than"/"more than"/"higher than" to "equal to or greater"/"meet or exceed"/"the target number or higher"; Look for match/matches/equal/equals/exceeds/more/greater/succeeds
  • Change "base rank" to "base value"
  • Change "asphyxia" to "suffocation"
  • Synchronize "Healing"
  • Change healing to just Power, rather than Brawn + Power
  • Change "Immunity To Disease" to "Immunity To Poison"
  • Eliminate pathogen(s) and disease(s); fold into poisons
  • Check the "Poison" section in ZeroSpace for correctness
  • Copy Poisons and Radiation from ZeroSpace
  • Find and fix references to Immunity and Harmony
  • Make Mass and integrity work the same way as Brawn and Endurance in ZeroSpace
  • Make sure "Movement Action" has the correct bonuses and penalties
  • Check the "Fire" section for correctness
  • Eliminate "general" from skills
  • Simplify expertise, making old-expertise examples, and new-expertise apply to a (formerly general) skill
  • Add new-expertise to Bog-Standard Fantasy
  • Clarify skill rolls as [Skill] ([Attribute]), meaning [Skill] roll based on [Attribute]
  • Mind Shield = Will x2
  • Remove taunting
  • Synchronize Life Drain, search for "ignores"
  • Replace references to close combat and ranged combat with [Close/Ranged] Combat ([Attribute]) roll
  • search and replace: Charging, Distracting, Grappling, Slamming, Sweep Attack, Taunting; Star Fighter Combat, Starship Gunnery; [Specific Weapon Type], [Specific Esoteric Power], [Specific Power], [Specific Weapon Type]
  • Copy "Initiating Conflict" from Jazz
  • Change "henchmen" to "minions"
  • Change task roll to [Skill] ([Attribute]) roll
  • Change "coordinate" and "coordinating" to "combine" and "combining"
  • Synchronize plot point description in Introduction, glossary, Creation, and Actions
  • Synchronize skill purchase description in Creation and Introduction
  • Change "repeating weapons" to "burst fire weapons"
  • Under "burst fire weapons", change "Weapons which fire multiple rounds" to "Weapons which fire multiple times per round"
  • Synchronize glossaries
  • Write "Margin Of Success (Optional)" section
  • Reactive defenses -- If a protective power or piece of equipment is reactive, any of the defender's dice that show a "1" are re-rolled until the die rolls higher than 1
  • Replace "Being Prone" with "Prone Characters", including links
  • Add section for "Helpless Or Unconscious Characters"
  • Add "Restrained Characters"
  • Change "Grappling" links to "Restrained Characters"
  • Change "ranger" to "range" (typo)
  • Add skill rolls to Grapple
  • Change "close range" to "close combat range"
  • Synchronize Telekinesis, based on Grappling
  • Look for "inches", "feet", "miles", "pounds", "tons" and replace with metric
  • Update the GM Resources tables, heroic
  • Update the attributes tables, heroic
  • Do something about falling damage
  • Change "Challenging (3)" to "moderate (DV 3)" or "moderately difficult (DV 3) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Change "Frustrating (6)" to "remarkable (DV 6)" or "remarkably difficult (DV 6) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Change "Nigh-impossible (9)" to "extreme (DV 9)" or "extremely difficult (DV 9) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Add "inconceivable (DV 12)" or "inconceivably difficult (DV 12) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll" to difficulties
  • If the combined bonus dice and penalty dice reduce the number of dice rolled to zero, the task is simply impossible.
  • Remove diplomacy as an example
  • Change Social skill to Diplomacy skill
  • Move conversation to Diplomacy skill
  • Add Perception (Reason) as skill
  • Remove Perception as attribute
  • Change Will to Presence (search for "motivations")
  • Base sensory powers on Reason -- Sensory Deprivation, Illusion
  • Base Telekinesis on Agility
  • Chance Diplomacy (Will to Diplomacy (Presence
  • Chance Manipulation (Will to Manipulation (Presence
  • Change Entertainment to Performance
  • Change Manipulation rolls to Performance rolls
  • Change seven attributes to six attributes
  • Change Legerdemain to Finesse
  • Exploding damage: how is damage determined?
  • Falling damage: how is damage determined?
  • Revise Esoteric Power entries to specifically mention their range
  • Remove references to routine. Update references to challenging (3), demanding (6), frustrating (9), and nigh-impossible (12)
  • Find and remove run/sprint penalties
  • Replace staggered with exhausted
  • Remove attack penalty while running or sprinting
  • Remove "under no pressure" limitation from take the average and take the max
  • Update references to block and dodge
  • Remove references to coordinating attacks; redirect to combining attacks
  • Update references to combining attacks
  • Remove/update references to protection rolls
  • Move Underwater Combat from a skill to an advantage, and update links
  • Move Zero-G Combat from a skill to an advantage, and update links
  • Replace Prowess with Brawn
  • Replace Accuracy with Agility
  • Brawn vs. Brawn for hand-to-hand
  • Agility vs. Agility for ranged
  • Lightning Strike for Agility vs. hand-to-hand
  • Elusive for hand-to-hand vs. Agility
  • Resilient for ranged vs. Brawn
  • Look up references to Elusive, and possibly add a reference to Resilient
  • All protection powers and equipment should work with either Brawn or Agility ("relevant defense attribute")
  • Check phrasing for explosion damage and fire damage
  • Check fire damage
  • Make explosions bigger?
  • Consolidate attack attribute/damage rating into "attack rating, action value/attack value (AV)"
  • Consolidate defense attribute/protection rating into "defense rating, difficulty value/defense value (DV)"
  • Damage rating and protection rating and rank are all numeric: endurance levels are textual (one, two, etc.).
  • Note the difference between astrogation and orbital mechanics.
  • Drop "task" from "task roll".
  • Move Setting to chapter after Introduction chapter
  • Standardize capitalization of headings
  • Standardize capitalization of table titles
  • For heroic games, make rank 8 the peak of human potential. For superheroic, it's 4.
  • Change "clean and jerk" to "deadlift".
  • Change jumping, swimming, and walking to exponential curves.
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Bulletproof Blues
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Bog-standard Fantasy
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Rough Magic
  • Update the GM Resources tables, ZeroSpace
  • Update the attributes tables, Bulletproof Blues
  • Update the attributes tables, Bog-standard Fantasy
  • Update the attributes tables, Rough Magic
  • Update the attributes tables, ZeroSpace
  • Replace +1 and + 1 with + Power.
  • Add Rank 0 row for Brawn (needed to determine how much a character can lift and move normally while carrying).
  • Update Being Unskilled sections in the Skills and Actions chapters to note that combat uses the "Unskilled Task" rules.
  • Add "normally" to the Aliens: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Archetypes: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Esoteric Orders: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Gifts: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add a note to Elusive indicating that it is usable without the Close Combat Skill.
  • Add a note to Hard Target indicating that it is usable without the Ranged Combat Skill.
  • Add a note to Tenacious indicating that it is usable without the relevant combat Skill.
  • Change Aliens: Armor to Aliens: Natural Armor
  • Change Natural Armor to grant a bonus die on defense rolls.
  • Change Natural Weaponry to grant a bonus die on Close Combat attack rolls.
  • Revise Telepathy to note that a character with Telepathy may resist unwelcome Telepathic contact with Presence + Power.
  • Revised various long-term damaging effects to indicate that maximum Endurance is reduced, rather than having them inflict Endurance damage.
  • Revised Regeneration and Meditation to indicate that hostile environments can't reduce the character's Endurance to zero.
  • Add Endurance Points; change Endurance (not Endurance Points) to Tenacity
  • In ZeroSpace, change Time Theft to Stasis.
  • Correct Aerial trait table entry and description: "to fly at their ground speed"
  • Note in Mind Link that the power is applicable to Groups
  • Clarify description for Lightning Strike to say it is only for attacks
  • In ZeroSpace, specify close range for starships as 1 km
  • In ZeroSpace, clarify that Evasive maneuvers and Shields Maximum are activated at the start of the ship's turn
  • Add (1 m) to references to "close range"
  • Modify expertise to permit re-rolling dice which result in 1 or 2
  • Change Power Invulnerability to Drain Resistance
  • Change Tenacity to "maximum Endurance".
  • Change Endurance Points to Endurance.
  • Rename Power attribute to Power Level.
  • Clean up Power Drain/Theft powers, clarify the effect on Ultra-Power (alternately, a different attribute and no powers).
  • Change "task action" to "standard action".
  • Change "remote" range to "extreme" range.
  • "All rolls are skill rolls"
  • Add Mental Combat (Presence)
  • Replace "direct damage" with "physical or energy damage"
  • Revise actions to identify the defensive skill
    • Attacking with Life Drain requires a successful Close Combat (Power Level) roll against the Close Combat (Brawn) roll of the target.
    • To communicate with and mentally control an android, the attacker must succeed at a Mental Combat (Presence + Power Level) roll against the Mental Combat (Presence) roll of the target.
    • If someone is actively looking at the character, or has any reason to suspect that the character is not the genuine article, the person observing the shapeshifted character may attempt a Perception (Reason) roll against the shapeshifted character's Deception (Presence + Power Level) roll.
    • To break free of the Telekinesis, the restrained character must attempt a Close Combat roll using their Agility or Brawn (whichever is greater) against the attacker's Close Combat (Agility + Power Level) roll.
  • Ensure that power descriptions identify the defensive skill
  • Re-order attributes: Agility, Brawn, Endurance, Presence, Reason, Power Level
  • Make Endurance not derived. Move it up after Brawn. Endurance is a reservoir of points which is expended as the character is injured, and replenished as the character recovers
  • Replace Exceptional Beauty with Fascinating
  • Add actions to all powers
  • Make reflection consistent across games
  • Powers can have "Prerequisites" and "Follow through powers"
  • Make telekinesis consistent across games
  • Update Archetype powers in the Bulletproof Blues Creation chapter
  • Check the action types for each Alien, Archetype, and Supernatural power
  • Add persuasion as an example for Manipulation skill
  • Check prerequisites and follow through powers
  • Check ranges for consistency
  • Update the rest of the BB3 tables
  • Update javascript widgets
  • Copy Equipment section to BB3 from Rough Magic and ZeroSpace
  • Add examples to Brawn charts
  • Make mental attacks be Presence + Power Level
  • Make mental resistance work like damage resistance, adding Power Level
  • Change "boost" to "surge"
  • Clarify "do/does not stack" to say "with other abilities which add to the character's attack/defense roll."
  • Note in Attributes and Actions that Power Level may only added to a roll once
  • Change Bog-Standard Fantasy archetypes to all use Power Level
  • Add "types of attacks". Normal, mental, and alteration attack.
  • Change Power Resistance to Modification Resistance
  • Change Barrier to [Element] Wall
  • Change Life Drain to Endurance Drain
  • Replace [Attribute] powers with Agility, Brawn, Presence, and Reason powers
  • Removed Mental Resistance from Gifts
  • Make Telekinesis and grapple consistent
  • Make Telekinesis a mental power
  • recalculate character costs and point levels for removing 1 attribute (removing Prowess and Accuracy, adding Power).
  • Make all recovery rolls work the same way as breaking out of telekinesis or a hold.
  • Add "Telekinetic Blast": as a follow-through power for Telekinesis.
  • Drop immunity to blades and bullets
  • Add "escape" to plot point options
  • Add "disarming" maneuver
  • Add Flight and Super-flight
  • Change "sensory" to "blinding"; specify the effects of a blinding attack and how to recover from it
  • Update Blindsense and Blindsight
  • Fix Dazzle and other "break out of it" powers to be Power Level vs attribute
  • Fix Telekinesis, Hold, and grapple again
  • Fix modification attacks to be Power Level vs attribute
  • Update bonus and penalty charts
  • Update bonus and penalty charts on BBCSH
  • Add pursuit example under extended tasks
  • Copy the Telekinesis, Hold, and grapple changes to the other games
  • Proofread BBCSH tooltips
  • Add action type to power listings in BBSCH
  • Change Animal Control, Machine Control, Object Animation, Plant Control to Command Animals, etc.
  • Add villain-only power examples -- Blast, Continuous; Blast, Continuous Explosive
  • Add Tunneling and Super-tunneling
  • Add Psychokinesis to Telekinesis
  • Change "movement action" to "move action"
  • Change "free action" to "quick action"
  • Add "free action", which can be performed at any time
  • Change "all-out move (sprinting)" to: gains a bonus die on their defense rolls, but they automatically fail all other rolls.
  • Base Haste on Power Level
  • Change Power Level general effect progression
  • Make all of the text referring to being blind, unable to perceive, etc. consistent.
  • Change "modification" to "alteration"
  • Update sample characters
  • Update Characters chapter in BB3.

Errata (done)