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(Errata (done))
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* Update Characters chapter in BB3.
* Update Characters chapter in BB3.
* Update the Character Sheet Helper, and then update the characters.
==Errata (done)==
==Errata (done)==

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Layout Todo

  • Add the Bulletproof power to a few characters. Give Damage Resistance and Bulletproof to Master Sin.

Layout Todo (Done)

  • Find XXX and insert page numbers and in-document links.
  • Replace space plus linebreak with linebreak.
  • Replace -- with mdash.
  • Replace ' and " with curly quotes.
  • Update the character sheet helper.



All caps.

Table Titles

Sentence case.

Power Format

  • Range if normal. Brief description. Attack value. Defense value. Range if unusual.
  • Longer description.
  • How to break out of it.
  • What happens if the target hasn't broken out of it.


  • Copy Mental Combat (Power Level) and alteration attack (Power Level) changes to other games.
  • Copy Telekinesis changes to other games, again.
  • Copy Command/Control changes to other games
  • Copy action types changes to other games
  • Copy Hold/Mind Hold changes to other games
  • Copy Plot Point changes to other games (plot points are earned by, and spent by, players)
  • Copy Blinded, Dazzle, Invisibility, unable to perceive, etc. changes to other games
  • Update character sheet helpers (BB3, BSF, RM, ZS)
  • Update links to character sheet helpers (BB3, BSF, RM, ZS)
  • Add skills to rolls in Rough Magic: Magic
  • Make the magic in Rough Magic follow the same rules as BB3.
  • Add opposed rolls for all spells in Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Add "Avoiding Traps" to Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Add follow through spells for spells in Bog Standard Fantasy.
  • Port BB3 changes to Jazz, where appropriate.
  • Add gem-powered magic items to Bog-Standard Fantasy (Classical Chinese elements)

Changes (Done)

  • Prowess removed. Absorbed into Brawn
  • Accuracy removed. Absorbed into Agility
  • Willpower changed to Will
  • Remove/replace "melee" with "close combat"
  • Add "close" where "hand-to-hand" is mentioned
  • Replace "advantage" with "gift"
  • Eliminate extreme success
  • Remove/replace/update "Routine"
  • Remove/replace "Demanding"
  • Update "nigh-impossible" difficulty
  • Change "(See margin" to "(see margin"
  • Find and replace task difficulty examples; search for "target number" and "difficulty"
  • Find "staggered" and figure out what to do with it
  • Find and replace "protection value"
  • "modifier" is okay as a column heading
  • "Rank" applies only to attributes; deprecated, remove where feasible; equipment has "rating"
  • Find/fix "damage rating"; change to "action value"
  • When in doubt, round fractions down.
  • "Lifts" column to "Lift" column
  • "Throws" column to "Throw" column
  • "Breaks" column to "Break" column
  • Remove/correct references to Benchmarks table
  • Remove references to human level Brawn doing stunning damage
  • Change "exploding" and "explosive" completely; make radius work like range bands
  • Penetrating -- If an attack is penetrating, any of the attacker's dice that show a "1" are re-rolled until the die rolls higher than 1.
  • Change "ramming" to "charging"
  • Combine "Time And Movement" and "Order Of Play"
  • Rewrite section "Bonuses And Penalties"
  • Revise Endurance. Make equal to Brawn or Will, whichever is greater.
  • Search for "level", "recover", "recovers", "once", "point of", "recently"
  • Change "1 Endurance" to "one Endurance"
  • Change "below 0" to "below zero" ("equals 0", "to 0")
  • Reduce recovery time. Look at Regeneration and Meditation
  • Change recovery to "Barring some gruesome disfigurement, a character's endurance will be completely replenished after a solid night's rest."
  • A character who has lost more than half of their Endurance incurs a penalty die on all rolls
  • Capitalize Endurance
  • Combine "Combining" and "Coordinating" attacks
  • Check the "Failure" section for correctness
  • Change "Gifts#Blindfighting" to "Actions#Sensory"
  • Revise grappling
  • Check "Blindfighting", "Sensory Deprivation", "Darkness" for accuracy
  • Synchronize Grappling from [[Rough_Magic_3e_EN:Actions#Grappling]
  • Synchronize Distracting from [[Rough_Magic_3e_EN:Actions#Distracting]
  • Replace bonus with "bonus die"
  • Replace penalty with "penalty die"
  • Make bonuses and penalties cumulative, but you can always roll at least one die
  • Change "greater than"/"more than"/"higher than" to "equal to or greater"/"meet or exceed"/"the target number or higher"; Look for match/matches/equal/equals/exceeds/more/greater/succeeds
  • Change "base rank" to "base value"
  • Change "asphyxia" to "suffocation"
  • Synchronize "Healing"
  • Change healing to just Power, rather than Brawn + Power
  • Change "Immunity To Disease" to "Immunity To Poison"
  • Eliminate pathogen(s) and disease(s); fold into poisons
  • Check the "Poison" section in ZeroSpace for correctness
  • Copy Poisons and Radiation from ZeroSpace
  • Find and fix references to Immunity and Harmony
  • Make Mass and integrity work the same way as Brawn and Endurance in ZeroSpace
  • Make sure "Movement Action" has the correct bonuses and penalties
  • Check the "Fire" section for correctness
  • Eliminate "general" from skills
  • Simplify expertise, making old-expertise examples, and new-expertise apply to a (formerly general) skill
  • Add new-expertise to Bog-Standard Fantasy
  • Clarify skill rolls as [Skill] ([Attribute]), meaning [Skill] roll based on [Attribute]
  • Mind Shield = Will x2
  • Remove taunting
  • Synchronize Life Drain, search for "ignores"
  • Replace references to close combat and ranged combat with [Close/Ranged] Combat ([Attribute]) roll
  • search and replace: Charging, Distracting, Grappling, Slamming, Sweep Attack, Taunting; Star Fighter Combat, Starship Gunnery; [Specific Weapon Type], [Specific Esoteric Power], [Specific Power], [Specific Weapon Type]
  • Copy "Initiating Conflict" from Jazz
  • Change "henchmen" to "minions"
  • Change task roll to [Skill] ([Attribute]) roll
  • Change "coordinate" and "coordinating" to "combine" and "combining"
  • Synchronize plot point description in Introduction, glossary, Creation, and Actions
  • Synchronize skill purchase description in Creation and Introduction
  • Change "repeating weapons" to "burst fire weapons"
  • Under "burst fire weapons", change "Weapons which fire multiple rounds" to "Weapons which fire multiple times per round"
  • Synchronize glossaries
  • Write "Margin Of Success (Optional)" section
  • Reactive defenses -- If a protective power or piece of equipment is reactive, any of the defender's dice that show a "1" are re-rolled until the die rolls higher than 1
  • Replace "Being Prone" with "Prone Characters", including links
  • Add section for "Helpless Or Unconscious Characters"
  • Add "Restrained Characters"
  • Change "Grappling" links to "Restrained Characters"
  • Change "ranger" to "range" (typo)
  • Add skill rolls to Grapple
  • Change "close range" to "close combat range"
  • Synchronize Telekinesis, based on Grappling
  • Look for "inches", "feet", "miles", "pounds", "tons" and replace with metric
  • Update the GM Resources tables, heroic
  • Update the attributes tables, heroic
  • Do something about falling damage
  • Change "Challenging (3)" to "moderate (DV 3)" or "moderately difficult (DV 3) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Change "Frustrating (6)" to "remarkable (DV 6)" or "remarkably difficult (DV 6) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Change "Nigh-impossible (9)" to "extreme (DV 9)" or "extremely difficult (DV 9) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll"
  • Add "inconceivable (DV 12)" or "inconceivably difficult (DV 12) SKILLNAME (ATTRIBUTE) roll" to difficulties
  • If the combined bonus dice and penalty dice reduce the number of dice rolled to zero, the task is simply impossible.
  • Remove diplomacy as an example
  • Change Social skill to Diplomacy skill
  • Move conversation to Diplomacy skill
  • Add Perception (Reason) as skill
  • Remove Perception as attribute
  • Change Will to Presence (search for "motivations")
  • Base sensory powers on Reason -- Sensory Deprivation, Illusion
  • Base Telekinesis on Agility
  • Chance Diplomacy (Will to Diplomacy (Presence
  • Chance Manipulation (Will to Manipulation (Presence
  • Change Entertainment to Performance
  • Change Manipulation rolls to Performance rolls
  • Change seven attributes to six attributes
  • Change Legerdemain to Finesse
  • Exploding damage: how is damage determined?
  • Falling damage: how is damage determined?
  • Revise Esoteric Power entries to specifically mention their range
  • Remove references to routine. Update references to challenging (3), demanding (6), frustrating (9), and nigh-impossible (12)
  • Find and remove run/sprint penalties
  • Replace staggered with exhausted
  • Remove attack penalty while running or sprinting
  • Remove "under no pressure" limitation from take the average and take the max
  • Update references to block and dodge
  • Remove references to coordinating attacks; redirect to combining attacks
  • Update references to combining attacks
  • Remove/update references to protection rolls
  • Move Underwater Combat from a skill to an advantage, and update links
  • Move Zero-G Combat from a skill to an advantage, and update links
  • Replace Prowess with Brawn
  • Replace Accuracy with Agility
  • Brawn vs. Brawn for hand-to-hand
  • Agility vs. Agility for ranged
  • Lightning Strike for Agility vs. hand-to-hand
  • Elusive for hand-to-hand vs. Agility
  • Resilient for ranged vs. Brawn
  • Look up references to Elusive, and possibly add a reference to Resilient
  • All protection powers and equipment should work with either Brawn or Agility ("relevant defense attribute")
  • Check phrasing for explosion damage and fire damage
  • Check fire damage
  • Make explosions bigger?
  • Consolidate attack attribute/damage rating into "attack rating, action value/attack value (AV)"
  • Consolidate defense attribute/protection rating into "defense rating, difficulty value/defense value (DV)"
  • Damage rating and protection rating and rank are all numeric: endurance levels are textual (one, two, etc.).
  • Note the difference between astrogation and orbital mechanics.
  • Drop "task" from "task roll".
  • Move Setting to chapter after Introduction chapter
  • Standardize capitalization of headings
  • Standardize capitalization of table titles
  • For heroic games, make rank 8 the peak of human potential. For superheroic, it's 4.
  • Change "clean and jerk" to "deadlift".
  • Change jumping, swimming, and walking to exponential curves.
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Bulletproof Blues
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Bog-standard Fantasy
  • Update the GM Resources tables, Rough Magic
  • Update the GM Resources tables, ZeroSpace
  • Update the attributes tables, Bulletproof Blues
  • Update the attributes tables, Bog-standard Fantasy
  • Update the attributes tables, Rough Magic
  • Update the attributes tables, ZeroSpace
  • Replace +1 and + 1 with + Power.
  • Add Rank 0 row for Brawn (needed to determine how much a character can lift and move normally while carrying).
  • Update Being Unskilled sections in the Skills and Actions chapters to note that combat uses the "Unskilled Task" rules.
  • Add "normally" to the Aliens: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Archetypes: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Esoteric Orders: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add "normally" to the Gifts: Mind Shield power ("an attack which normally bases the target's defense value (DV) on the target's Presence").
  • Add a note to Elusive indicating that it is usable without the Close Combat Skill.
  • Add a note to Hard Target indicating that it is usable without the Ranged Combat Skill.
  • Add a note to Tenacious indicating that it is usable without the relevant combat Skill.
  • Change Aliens: Armor to Aliens: Natural Armor
  • Change Natural Armor to grant a bonus die on defense rolls.
  • Change Natural Weaponry to grant a bonus die on Close Combat attack rolls.
  • Revise Telepathy to note that a character with Telepathy may resist unwelcome Telepathic contact with Presence + Power.
  • Revised various long-term damaging effects to indicate that maximum Endurance is reduced, rather than having them inflict Endurance damage.
  • Revised Regeneration and Meditation to indicate that hostile environments can't reduce the character's Endurance to zero.
  • Add Endurance Points; change Endurance (not Endurance Points) to Tenacity
  • In ZeroSpace, change Time Theft to Stasis.
  • Correct Aerial trait table entry and description: "to fly at their ground speed"
  • Note in Mind Link that the power is applicable to Groups
  • Clarify description for Lightning Strike to say it is only for attacks
  • In ZeroSpace, specify close range for starships as 1 km
  • In ZeroSpace, clarify that Evasive maneuvers and Shields Maximum are activated at the start of the ship's turn
  • Add (1 m) to references to "close range"
  • Modify expertise to permit re-rolling dice which result in 1 or 2
  • Change Power Invulnerability to Drain Resistance
  • Change Tenacity to "maximum Endurance".
  • Change Endurance Points to Endurance.
  • Rename Power attribute to Power Level.
  • Clean up Power Drain/Theft powers, clarify the effect on Ultra-Power (alternately, a different attribute and no powers).
  • Change "task action" to "standard action".
  • Change "remote" range to "extreme" range.
  • "All rolls are skill rolls"
  • Add Mental Combat (Presence)
  • Replace "direct damage" with "physical or energy damage"
  • Revise actions to identify the defensive skill
    • Attacking with Life Drain requires a successful Close Combat (Power Level) roll against the Close Combat (Brawn) roll of the target.
    • To communicate with and mentally control an android, the attacker must succeed at a Mental Combat (Presence + Power Level) roll against the Mental Combat (Presence) roll of the target.
    • If someone is actively looking at the character, or has any reason to suspect that the character is not the genuine article, the person observing the shapeshifted character may attempt a Perception (Reason) roll against the shapeshifted character's Deception (Presence + Power Level) roll.
    • To break free of the Telekinesis, the restrained character must attempt a Close Combat roll using their Agility or Brawn (whichever is greater) against the attacker's Close Combat (Agility + Power Level) roll.
  • Ensure that power descriptions identify the defensive skill
  • Re-order attributes: Agility, Brawn, Endurance, Presence, Reason, Power Level
  • Make Endurance not derived. Move it up after Brawn. Endurance is a reservoir of points which is expended as the character is injured, and replenished as the character recovers
  • Replace Exceptional Beauty with Fascinating
  • Add actions to all powers
  • Make reflection consistent across games
  • Powers can have "Prerequisites" and "Follow through powers"
  • Make telekinesis consistent across games
  • Update Archetype powers in the Bulletproof Blues Creation chapter
  • Check the action types for each Alien, Archetype, and Supernatural power
  • Add persuasion as an example for Manipulation skill
  • Check prerequisites and follow through powers
  • Check ranges for consistency
  • Update the rest of the BB3 tables
  • Update javascript widgets
  • Copy Equipment section to BB3 from Rough Magic and ZeroSpace
  • Add examples to Brawn charts
  • Make mental attacks be Presence + Power Level
  • Make mental resistance work like damage resistance, adding Power Level
  • Change "boost" to "surge"
  • Clarify "do/does not stack" to say "with other abilities which add to the character's attack/defense roll."
  • Note in Attributes and Actions that Power Level may only added to a roll once
  • Change Bog-Standard Fantasy archetypes to all use Power Level
  • Add "types of attacks". Normal, mental, and alteration attack.
  • Change Power Resistance to Modification Resistance
  • Change Barrier to [Element] Wall
  • Change Life Drain to Endurance Drain
  • Replace [Attribute] powers with Agility, Brawn, Presence, and Reason powers
  • Removed Mental Resistance from Gifts
  • Make Telekinesis and grapple consistent
  • Make Telekinesis a mental power
  • recalculate character costs and point levels for removing 1 attribute (removing Prowess and Accuracy, adding Power).
  • Make all recovery rolls work the same way as breaking out of telekinesis or a hold.
  • Add "Telekinetic Blast": as a follow-through power for Telekinesis.
  • Drop immunity to blades and bullets
  • Add "escape" to plot point options
  • Add "disarming" maneuver
  • Add Flight and Super-flight
  • Change "sensory" to "blinding"; specify the effects of a blinding attack and how to recover from it
  • Update Blindsense and Blindsight
  • Fix Dazzle and other "break out of it" powers to be Power Level vs attribute
  • Fix Telekinesis, Hold, and grapple again
  • Fix modification attacks to be Power Level vs attribute
  • Update bonus and penalty charts
  • Update bonus and penalty charts on BBCSH
  • Add pursuit example under extended tasks
  • Copy the Telekinesis, Hold, and grapple changes to the other games
  • Proofread BBCSH tooltips
  • Add action type to power listings in BBSCH
  • Change Animal Control, Machine Control, Object Animation, Plant Control to Command Animals, etc.
  • Add villain-only power examples -- Blast, Continuous; Blast, Continuous Explosive
  • Add Tunneling and Super-tunneling
  • Add Psychokinesis to Telekinesis
  • Change "movement action" to "move action"
  • Change "free action" to "quick action"
  • Add "free action", which can be performed at any time
  • Change "all-out move (sprinting)" to: gains a bonus die on their defense rolls, but they automatically fail all other rolls.
  • Base Haste on Power Level
  • Change Power Level general effect progression
  • Make all of the text referring to being blind, unable to perceive, etc. consistent.
  • Change "modification" to "alteration"
  • Update sample characters
  • Update Characters chapter in BB3.



  • Update the Character Sheet Helper, and then update the characters.

Errata (done)

  • Change "close range" to "hand-to-hand"
  • Change "Close Combat" to "Hand-to-hand Combat"


  • Power Level: add "Area, radius" and "Range"
  • Power Level: add description of area and range
  • Area affected is maximum, not mandatory


  • Area affected is maximum, not mandatory
  • Range is maximum, not mandatory
  • Merge "reaction" into "free action" (removing "reaction").
  • Absorption: change from "The size of the Absorption pool is equal to the character's Power Level." to "The maximum size of the Absorption pool is equal to the character's Power Level attribute."
  • Explosive Damaging Aura: change from "uses a reaction" to "must use a free action".
  • Every power indicates self-only, hand-to-hand, ranged, and area-affecting, where applicable.
  • Extra Actions: change to "Extra Actions is a self-only power which permits the character to take one additional move action or standard action during their turn."
  • Ultra-power: change order of paragraphs (description first, then requirements).
  • Follow-though Powers: Completely revised. Increased Range and Increased Area made into powers.
  • Follow-though Powers: Completely revised. Change Increased Area to Area-affecting.
  • Follow-though Powers: Completely revised. Change Increased Range to Ranged.
  • New section: Power Modifiers
  • New power modifier: Increased Area
  • New power modifier: Increased Range
  • Personal Immunity: Moved to Power Modifiers
  • Great Darkness: removed
  • Vast_Darkness: removed
  • Great Environmental Control: removed
  • Vast Environmental Control: removed
  • replace "ranged combat attack rolls" with "ranged attack rolls"
  • Change Mass Hysteria to Mass Emotion Control
  • Add "Spreading An Attack (Optional)"


  • Merge "reaction" into "free action" (removing "reaction").
  • Free Action: added "A free action may also be a response to something another character does, usually at the request of the GM."
  • replace "ranged combat attack rolls" with "ranged attack rolls"

GM Resources

  • Power Level: add "Area, radius" and "Range"