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BIND ("BIND is not D&D") is a zero to hero RPG written by Malin Freeborn, designed to tell stories about a team traversing a dangerous and fantastic landscape while developing their skills. Thematically, BIND stands on the darker side of fantasy, with no possibility to heal damage through magic. The rules have an emphasis on getting an output quickly, and keeping players' decisions in the loop.

BIND is released under a GNU General Public License 3, which permits anyone to copy, modify, or even resell the work.

A PDF for the game is hosted here at RPG Library. You may also download the PDF from the author's site, along with source files used to create the PDF, an introductory adventure, and a full campaign setting.

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In the campaign setting - Adventures in Fenestra - humanity struggles to survive nature, as most of the world's forests remain wild and full of dangerous monsters. Humanity subsides in little enclaves of walled villages and towns, trying to tear back the trees enough to provide space to farm.