Confederation and Empire:Cybernetic Systems-Cost and Availability

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Cybernetic Systems

-Base price for Cyber-Modifications will be cr.1000 per Character Point.

-Base price for initial Cyberware/Nervous System Interface (Mainframe) will be cr.2000.

-Hardening any system doubles the Total Cost, per Level of Hardening.

-Cloaking* any system doubles the Total Cost, per Level of Cloak.

-Limb Replacement adds +cr.1000 per 1% of Body Mass.

-To make a Cyber-System Removable adds +50% to the Total Cost.



Normal (Initial Cost) 1500

Computer Enhanced (adds to PER) 3,000 per Level

Telescopic/Microscopic 3,000 per Level

Infrared 5,000

Ultraviolet 5,000

Any Other 3,000-10,000

Camera 500-5,000

-w/Motion recorder +1,500

Smartlink to Weapon 500 per Level

Flash Defense 125 per Level

Retina Scan Scrambler* 1,000


Normal (Initial Cost) 400

Computer Enhanced (adds to PER) 5,000 per Level

Ultra/Infra Sonic 5,000

Radio 1 km (Initial Cost) 2,500

-Extended Range (+1 km) 50

-Scrambled* 200 per Level

-RDF Proof* 500

-Multi-Frequency 50 per extra

Sonic Defense 1,000 per Level

Recorder 400

Passive Sonar 25,000

Active Echolocation 15,000

Other Senses

Normal (Initial Cost) 2,500

-Computer Enhanced (adds to PER Roll) 5,000 per Level

Discriminatory 5,000

Targeting 20,000

Poison/Gas Sniffer 1,500

Tracking 10,000

Other Additions

Chronometer 100-25,000

Locator* 2,500

Locator Tracker* 5,000

Cyberware Detector* 2,500 per Level

Subdermal Armor 3,000 per point of PD/ED

O2 Storage 1,000 per Minute

Implanted Weapons* 1,000 per Char Point

-Retractable Weapon* Double Price

Internal Drug Dispensers* 1,000 per Drug plus Drug Cost

END Battery* 1,000 per 10 END (REC 1)

-Faster REC (for Battery Only)* 1,000 per +1 REC

Storage Space 1,000 per SIZ (Double if in an odd Place)

  • =This Cyber-system is Illegal on many worlds, check Law Level before travelling

Artificial Limbs











Level 1 Detector works against a Level 0 Cloak

Level 2 Detector works against a Level 1 Cloak

Level 3 Detector works against a Level 2 Cloak


-Level 1 Detector is standard in Class B and lower Starports

-Level 2 Detector is standard in Class A and Far Traveller Starports

-Level 3 Detector is standard in Imperial and most other Military Bases

-Level 4 Detector is standard in Confederation Military Bases