Confederation and Empire:Some Uses of the d34-Starting Character Stuff

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Arrow up 16x16.png Game Mechanics

Roll 1d34

  1. Character is a member of one Major or several Minor Guilds appropriate to the person's background, with all the Perks that come with it (ex. Pilot is a member of Star Pilots Guild or Draco High Movers, Blue Shift Industries Interstellar Certified, and Summersun Mercenaries Pilot License).
  2. Character is in possession of a Unique Item (ex. Kree Ally Sword, Old Federation armor, ultra-custom computer).
  3. Character has just made a lot of money (ex. 10,000cr or a small, valuable cargo).
  4. Character is family friends with an Important Person (ex. CEO of one of the Starport cartels, Admiral in Confed Navy, Far Traveller Base Commander).
  5. Character starts with implanted bio-ware or Cosmetisurgical implant (ex. Subcutaneous armor, extra arms).
  6. Character has Weak Psi ability (ex. 5 Str Telekinesis, Danger Sense on 11 or less).
  7. Character knows a Secret that he is currently unable to take advantage of (ex. location of an old Imperial base, Tortuga Dominion System Access Codes, location of a pre-spaceflight planet).
  8. Character is Very Important Person on his Home planet (ex. Old Imperial scion, Planetary Royalty, Heir to a large fortune).
  9. Character is a Hero on one planet (ex. Savior of the People on Sholikov, Adopted High-Caste Warrior on Ashanti, Holder of the Sword of Light on Avalon).
  10. Character is a Decorated veteran in an Interstellar Military organization (ex. Confed Navy, Pleiades Farside, New Empire).
  11. Character is Honorably Discharged veteran of an Elite Military organization (ex. Confed LREC, Imperial Grey Fleet, Nossidar Last Resort).
  12. Character has access to one Restricted or Closed system (ex. Terra, Siliesia, El Dorado, one Kree world).
  13. Somebody Important owes the character a Big Favor, aka "The Get Out Of Jail Free Card" (ex. Starport cartels, Confed Navy, Anrak Arbiters, The Kree, The Farthe' Constabulary).
  14. Character is privy to knowledge unknown by Interstellar Society (ex. Location of a new race, racial secret, new technology).
  15. Character is Immune to an inimical poison, disease, Psi ability, or lethal effect (ex. neuro-toxins, sleep-inducers, a series of racial diseases, Telepathy).
  16. Character has a Unique edge for one skill (ex. Disk full of computer viruses, Jump coordinates from Point A to Point B committed to memory, full technical schematics for all Imperial military vessels)
  17. Character has a second complete, legitimate Identity (ex. A full set of ID that will pass all checks)
  18. Character has a genetic Adaptation not normal to his race (ex. A Human that can breathe underwater, cannot be Stunned, Minor Regeneration)
  19. All the characters starting possessions are of the Highest Quality and he always gets the best deals on personal stuff (ex. The most expensive clothing, weapons and gear).
  20. Character does not exist in any database (ex. There are No prior records of this characters existence, he has managed to have them erased).
  21. Character has a previous Good reputation for one aspect of his skills (ex. Renowned chef, scholar, pilot, artist)
  22. Character has an item not normally available to his race (ex. Orcha Memory Storage Unit, Yleesa Atmospheric Envelope made for his race, Farthe' PDW, Idri Psi-Shield, Meersha Sanctuary Generator, roll of Kree Universal Tape)
  23. Character is, for one reason or another, extremely attractive/frightening to one other race (ex. Human character is thought to be really hot by all Ithri, Ilrathee that scares all Hrrilarr).
  24. Character owns a currently useless but potentially useful Item (ex. Crashed starship, broken AI computer, Bud off a BIAS system, retail franchise on 25 class A & B starports, huge cache of drugs only usable by race Hellandgone across Known Space, Command of a disbanded mercenary unit).
  25. Character owns a useful, semi-intelligent pet (ex. Orcha "Memory-Dog", "Demon" child, Gene-Engineered Dragon, Jewelry Snake, AI-class Droid)
  26. Character has several "Henchmen" (ex. Faithful followers, family retainers, old military buddies)
  27. Character has earned one Universal Perquisite, aka-Perk (ex. Free passage on all civilian Confed starships, Limited Diplomatic Immunity, Universal Carry Permit, Free medical care at all Starports).
  28. Character is actually a Neomorph (ex. Actually looks like one race but is from a rumored race of Shapechangers)
  29. Character has been implanted with beneficial nano-tech devices that have yet to "activate" (ex. STASIS capable, recover once from death, extra "Push", complete system Flush if poisoned or diseased).
  30. Character has the natural ability to get along with almost all races (ex. Character can relate to most races perspective, sees things from "the other guys" point of view, skill akin to Limited Telepathy)
  31. Character can understand alien ideas for one given skill with no penalty (ex. Understands alien computers, art, navigation, weapons, politics).
  32. Character owns a Memory Trace of themselves (ex. In the event of death, this device can be "loaded" into a clone or another body to bring the character back from the point the Trace was updated).
  33. Character has or knows of a "Hideout" that is difficult to find (ex. Fully functional Old Imperial outpost, Far Traveller Emergency Shelter, uninhabited planetoid).
  34. Character is a "Natural", they have +3 with one Very Specific Skill (ex. Navigation, Energy Pistols, Combat Pilot, Hyperdrive Engines, Music, Computer Security Systems, Psi-Telepathy).