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2090 to the Current Day

2090 - The First Expansion Of Humanity

Quantum Hyperdrive developed on Terra

2100-2550 - The Golden Age

Unified Humanity (United Nations) expands into the galaxy- 24 new races discovered, several of which (including the star travelling Nossidar) are in some areas more advanced, technologically, than the human race

The First Federation (Federation of Worlds) is established

Federation of Worlds Charter is eventually confirmed by consent of all 24 known races.

Anrak Bar of Arbiters and Farthe' Constabulary formed by unanimous consent of the Federation of Worlds

  • For 450 years the Federation of Worlds governed a small sphere-of-influence with little or no conflict. Few people complained and even less thought to take up arms against it.

2550-2724 - The Long Night

2550 - Avalon Systems secede from the Federation

2552 - Ashanti Colonies secede from the Federation

2556 - Pleiades Colonies secede from the Federation

The Federation gradually collapses due to overexpansion and civil war. Communication lag between the center and the fringe only exacerbates the problem. Fighting breaks out between Terra and numerous human colonized worlds as other races of the Federation resign to pursue assorted rivalries and racial disputes.

2725 - From The Ashes

The Terran Empire is formed under Alexander I of Terra, an ex soldier and slave, from completely unconventional origins.

  • He and his followers rebelled, took over their slaver starships, and liberated their fellow-slaves. From there they went on to conquer the old Federation territory and continued to expand. In doing so they found the Fraser Dynasty, later called the Terran Empire.

He rules for 46 years. His oldest son, Alexander II continues his reign, but is assassinated by his younger sister after ruling for only 7 years. This event sets the tone for the Imperial succession, Emperors rule for an average of 10 years or less before being killed or "abdicating."

  • Despite the turmoil in the Imperial court (or perhaps, because of it), Fraser's Empire, both militarily and politically, grows exponentially.

2774-3375 - The Terran Empire Expands

The Terran Empire expands, subjugating or absorbing all systems around it. At its peak the Empire consists of more than 1000 Class 10 worlds and over 2000 stations (Starbases in or on noninhabitable worlds).

224 non-human intelligent races are part of or known in Imperial space

2894 - Improved (Quantum II) hyperdrive developed by Imperial scientists, reducing FTL travel time by a factor of 10

3150 - Imperial homeworld moved from Terra to Thamber, in the Core Worlds, by Empress Charlotte II

3202 - Creation of the first "Enhanced" Imperial soldiers. Genetic, Cyber, and Bio-Engineering becomes standard for over 50 races entering Imperial Military service. Three new human "sub-species" ("Ants", Astarte', and Guardians) are eventually created, along with numerous non-human 'artificial' offshoots

3390 - Collapse Of The Empire

Racial (Genetic, Cybernetic, and Biological) Engineering is at its peak

Cyborg insurrection on Dante' (Imperial Military Research and Development planet) by disgruntled "modified" Elite Imperial troops sparks off a decades long conflict, fueled by any number of military and civilian groups looking to throw off Imperial control

  • By this point, any number of differing political and military groups were looking for an excuse to attempt to throw off Imperial control. The insurrection on Dante' was merely a convenient excuse to draw guns a bit early.

3394-3450 - The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum

The Empire fragments into hundreds of warring systems, led by rival factions of the now decadent Imperial dynasty, powerful Merchant Prince families, the Starport Cartels, Imperial Navy fleets gone privateer, and other systems seeking to shake off Imperial control.

High technology is lost by nearly all systems as war and anarchy destroy ships, trade routes, and entire planets

  • Large-scale hyperdrive building and repair technology is retained by (ironically) the Dante' Imperial R&D system alone (who will later become the Far Travelers)

3460-3600 - The Wasteland

The dwindling fleets of functioning Hyperdrive vessels, commanded by mercenary captains, sell their services to the highest bidders. Invariably, the highest bidders are dynasties with a war to fight. In the end, the Independent Mercenaries are unable to repair their vessels (Despite high profits) and fade from History's stage.

  • This period of history has been compared (numerous times) to the Pre-Spaceflight Terran American Wild West or the first Mars Colonies, due to a number of parallels. Suffice to say, all three periods of history have more to do with mythology than actual fact

In the end, the only ships that remain to travel between the stars are the (budding) Far Traveler vessels and any mercenary craft capable of retaining the Complex knowledge of how to maintain an interstellar craft. FTL engineers literally become the High Priests of a new and short-lived religion.

  • The Long Night descends again.

3666 - The Third Expansion Of Humanity

Based in the Draco (Sigma Draconis) Star Cluster

Draco Pact military forces, having banded together and coming up with the selling price, purchase hyperdrive technology from the Far Travelers, and begin making contact with neighboring star systems. They establish treaties based principally on economic trade.

  • This is one of those fortunate times when the military becomes the spearhead of diplomacy and makes no mistakes. The Draco Pact forces met and joined with such notably paranoid groups as the Pleiades Defense Forces and The Nossidar Conglomerate Last Resort.

3692 - The System States Confederation is formed, based in the Sigma Draconis Star Cluster. It is a loosely organized, mutually non-aggressive governing body, retaining system independence between members and creating a small interstellar navy, used mostly for defense against pirates

  • The System States Confederation Navy utilizes the highest technology available from member governments, retrieved from old Imperial planetary archives as part of the Confederation Articles of Agreement

3694 - The Confederation encounters The Malavorite Empire (aka, The New Terran Empire), who are remnants of the old Terran Empire, well on their way to rebuilding the Old Empire under the banner of Emperor Carlos XIV, of the Malavor family, a bastard offshoot of the old Fraser Imperial Dynasty. The two governments are mutually antagonistic-- Confederation wishes to create a new interstellar government, based on trade and communication; whereas the Malavorite Empire desires to re-create the old Empire under its rule.

  • Ironically, Terra is not part of either sphere of influence, partially demolished during the Fall and barely inhabitable, it has become an insular and Closed world wanting no part in interstellar affairs. Terra contents itself with being a minor member of The Rim Worlds and encourages no one to visit.

3695 - The Winds Of War

Sporadic fighting breaks out on the border between Confederation and the Malvorite Empire in the Sigma Draconis Wastelands (deadspace between the Draco and Orion Spiral Arms of the galaxy). In response to this the Confederation military expands its meager Interstellar fleets, bringing many system defense forces under its aegis.

  • While Confederation vessels are technologically superior to Malavor ships, Imperial vessels outnumber Confederation vessels by at least five to one

During this time the G'Dril, a non-human race, contact both governments. Through the use of the G'Dril Traders they begin to trade ships and technology to both sides. They are a mysterious and enigmatic race, apparently rapacious capitalists, desiring only to profit from the conflict. Both sides realize this, but are unable to cease trade negotiations for fear of losing the war. The G'Dril become, for both sides, an unwelcome guest, who, despite protestations otherwise, seem to want to know more information about Old Imperial history and technology

Following several 'Unfortunate Incidents' in Confederation Space, The Kree are once again granted Diplomatic Immunity at Confederation starports

3697 - The Tide Starts To Turn

The Confederation wins a major battle in the Rhamnus System, defeating a numerically superior Imperial force by use of advanced computers and tactics gained from information found in the Gath-Shemani System, an old Imperial Sector Capitol, now a Neutral system in the Rim Worlds, bordering Confederation. Malvorite Empire forces fall back and The G'Dril break off trade negotiations with Confederation for reasons unknown

Rumors break out on both sides that the Gossamer Phoenix, the personal yacht of the last old Terran Emperor, Carlos IV, has been located. This ship is rumored to have onboard it the sum of all old Imperial technology (which is yet to be matched by either Confed or Malavor scientists), along with the Imperial Crown Jewels

Both sides begin a frantic search for clues as to this vessels location, seeking the technological advantage to be gained by possession of an old Imperial ship

3698 - Madness Trumps Technology

In response to their defeat in the Rhamnus system, Imperial ships attack a Confederation advance base in the Neutral Kintara system and destroy it. By direct order of Carlos XIV ships of the Empire drop nuclear devices on the planetary surface. This is in defiance of a centuries-long, unwritten ban on the use of atomic weapons inside a planetary atmosphere. The base is obliterated along with approximately 1800 Kintaran natives. Other Confederation losses after the incident include the orbital starbase and starport, three ships of the line, millions of credits worth of materiel, and more than 500 Confed personnel. Due to this attack, which Confederation considers an atrocity, as it involved the use of atomics inside the atmospheric envelope, along with an excessive loss of civilian life, Confederation and Allied systems declare that a state of war exists between Confederation and the Malavorite Empire

3699-3709 - Military losses continue to mount on both sides of the war. Confederation conscripts Elite non-combatant forces, such as the Long-Range Explorer Corps and the Nossidar Last Resort, into Confed Navy. The Empire, having learned of their existence from the G'Dril, begin searching for and reviving the Old Imperial Grey Fleets (mothballed Military Reserves)

3710 - Rise Of The Third Empire

The Fraser Pretender to the Throne, Jano MacPherson (rumored to have been brought back from Coldsleep); with the help of the revived Grey Fleet and Old Imperial supporters (along with suspected Confederation, Kree, Guardian, Sharpes Marauder, Sari, Far Traveler, and other support) seizes the throne from the Malavor family in a bloody, week-long coup on the Imperial home planet, Marling

Ascension of the MacPherson Line. After the coup, the Fraser Pretender to the Throne proves, by genetic mapping, his superior claim to the throne over the Malavor family. This is the rise of what is called The Third Empire in Confederation Space. In Imperial Space it is known as The New Empire

  • In actuality, the MacPherson claim to the throne is a merely a convenient political sleight-of-hand. Despite the genetic proof of Jano MacPhersons direct descent from Fraser blood, Imperial bureaucrats had already been looking for an excuse to depose the Malavor line prior to his arrival. The unpopularity of the war with Confederation and an increasing mental instability of the Malavor family has made the Empire ripe for a major change.

3711 - The Phoenix Rises

Jano MacPherson is declared Emperor, Jano I, amid wild public acclaim

Carlos XIV is tried and convicted of treason

End of the Confederation/Imperial War. Peace Treaty is signed on Kintara, both sides agree to mutual non-aggression pact and establishment of Peace Council

  • From the outset the treaty is shaky at best, military and political forces on both sides still distrust the other

Emperor Jano I marries a Far Traveler pilot, Arianna Venturi, and officially declares her Empress. This leads to an outbreak of pro-Far Traveler sentiment in the Empire (ending over two centuries of enmity for that group)

The Grey Fleets (old Imperial cryostorage Military Reserves) become the backbone of the new Imperial Starfleet. Despite the fact that, at the time they were mothballed (The Fall of the Terran Empire) these vessels were considered obsolete, they prove to be technologically superior to current Imperial standards. Also, the Grey Fleet Commanders are all unswervingly loyal the Fraser/MacPherson line

2 Human inhabited worlds; Xian-Jin and Santo Domingo are re-discovered in the Uncharted Space between Avalon and Rim-World Spheres by the Confederation Long-Range Explorer Corps

3713 - News Of Confederation And Empire

The Far Travelers are officially declared an Independent Political Entity by Confederation and Empire by Treaty, signed on Dante, the Far Traveler Home World

Emperor Jano I makes it publicly known that the New Empire consists of no less than 42 inhabited systems, comprising 12 races previously unknown in Confederation Space, making it the largest known independent Sphere-of-Influence in the galaxy

The renowned Xeno-Sociologist, Lecturer, and Historian; Dr. J. P. Alexander, of the Confederation Bureau of Racial Studies and Interspecies Cooperation- Renaissance, Draco; Confederation publishes the groundbreaking monograph; "Old Imperial Attempts at Genetic Manipulation and The Use of Paranormal Abilities By All Races." Outlining the use of Esper and other, until now lost, paranormal abilities, some of which (he proposes) predate the Federation. This paper discusses the development and use of many paranormal skills, from assorted recessive racial abilities to attributes that were created by, not only Imperial but even Federation, science. The backlash of this (both pro and con) forces him into hiding.

  • Case in point; there is a standing bounty on his head of cr.25,000 and a standing offer of cr.10,000 for him to act as lecturer at the Draco Institute of Esper Studies

Thandraa/Aktnar system officially admitted to the Palisarian Directorate

A fleet of nearly a hundred vessels is detected leaving the Kree system Kree-Fal. Non-Kree speculate at length as to its destination

4 Mixed-Race inhabited worlds; Zeus, S'Shell, Final Destination, and Fiddlers Green, are re-discovered in the Uncharted Space between the Avalon and Draco spheres.

3716 - ESPER And The DMZ

The De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) is established between Confederation and Imperial Space by the Combined Peace Council. In this arc of the Sigma Draconis and Orion Sectors no Confederation or Imperial warship may pass without opposite escort

The first non-government Paranormal Studies Institute is publicly opened on Gath-Shemani

3717 - The Idri Superior Knowledge University (the leading non-human academic institution for the study of Esper abilities) is opened to non-Idri public

3718 - Psi Studies Institute on Bliss is forced to create satellite institutions on other worlds in the Carousel due to wildly expanding popularity of potential Esper abilities.

Emperor Jano I declares an Imperial bounty of cr.100,000 on any G'Dril vessel or individual captured in Imperial space

The Nossidar, Orcha, and "Luciferians," all of the Nossidar Conglomerate, working together-introduce the use of "Manufactured Intelligent" computer systems. Basically, a sentient hybrid of the three crystalline races. These creatures are silicon-based, immobile entities that are capable of replacing most (if not all) computation systems for starships. Dubbed BIAS (Biological Intelligent Artificial Systems) by Confederation media, these creatures start to replace electronic systems on Confederation warships. As they are an artificially created race (with any number of mental quirks), rather than a mere Linear computation system, psychologically they are superior to previous attempts at Artificial Intelligence (in some ways it is easier to deal with a new mind rather than a collection of data). As such, they prove to be better than old Imperial AI systems. All of which are extremely old and of questionable mentality.

  • Physically, they resemble crystalline, translucent Christmas trees

2 Human inhabited worlds are re-discovered, Austin and Mist, in the Uncharted Space between Avalon and Sigma Draconis spheres by Draco Pact System Defense Forces

3720 - The Rise Of The Free Companies

Independent planets in the DMZ, those that are at war with neighboring systems, start hiring mercenary armies to resolve conflicts between them. Free of either Imperial or Confederation control these systems are answerable to neither

  • Avalon, Hss'Thai, and Sharpes Marauder mercenary units initially rule the battlefields in the DMZ, having years of prior experience, training, and equipment

Free of both Confederation and Imperial police control, pirate attacks on civilian starships in the DMZ increase dramatically

3423 - In an effort to stabilize the situation, by Imperial Edict and Confederation Treaty; Far Traveler ships are granted free access to the DMZ to restore order

Rumors abound of a conflict between the Empire and an unnamed race from the direction of the Core Stars

Rumors abound of a conflict between the Hortai-Li and an unnamed race in the Pleiades Wastelands, the Hortai-Li Corridor is declared Closed by Confederation Authorities

3724 - The Fourth Kree world is rediscovered by non-Kree, Kree-Dis. At least sixty-seven independent vessels and one Pleiades fleet are obliterated by the Kree before the system is declared Restricted by Confederation authorities

Public announcement of the birth of the Imperial Successor, Jana, by the Imperial household on Thamber

A race which has been lost since Old Imperial times, the Venntrane, is rediscovered in the Uncharted space Between Avalon and Draco. They inhabit 3 worlds in 2 star systems utilizing STL starships. Their worlds are also home to over 2.5 million other intelligent creatures, including the Grolem, a race thought to be extinct since the Fall of the Empire. Grolemim, their homeworld, was destroyed during the Fall

3725 - From Art To Science To Business

Despite Far Traveler attempts to stop the practice, independent wars continue to erupt between various governments in the DMZ

Despite Far Traveler attempts to stop the practice, pirate attacks on civilian vessels continue to mount in the DMZ

In an attempt to slow these attacks the Far Traveler Sector Commander for the DMZ begins to issue "Letters of Marque and Reprisal" to any civilian starship that wishes to become a pirate hunter. Thus, the Privateers are born.

The first Combat Arbiter is established on Paradisio as Proxy House for a Controlled Conflict (aka Mercenary War) taking place on Deradhune, in the DMZ. This provides a non-governmental, supposedly incorruptible, banking house to hold monies until the Conflict is resolved

Mercenary Guilds are established at most major Starports to recruit new members

3426 - The Palisarian Directorate publicly reveals that a number of racial Psi abilities have existed for millennia among their species, making it the third race to admit to Esper skills

The first known G'Dril warship, Loan Shark, attacks the Imperial world of Kasimir. Despite being outnumbered 24 to one by Imperial Task Force 8.1 (MacPhersons Pride) it inflicts heavy damage to both Kasimir and Task Force 8.1 before escaping

Emperor Jano I officially declares that the lost Old Imperial flagship, The Gossamer Phoenix, has been found, a nearly worthless derelict orbiting an uninhabitable world in the system SGC-1862-104-Q, in the Sigma Draconis Wastelands

  • Any attempts at military/archaeological starship recovery in the Hortai-Li Corridor are completely coincidental.

3 Mixed-Race inhabited worlds; Shanzin, Laissez-Faire, and Thrin are re-discovered near the Sigma Draconis Wastelands in the DMZ, by the Confederation Long-Range Explorer Corps. They utilize STL starships to travel between their systems

The Venntrane are admitted to Confederation

The Palisarian Directorate, The Ashanti, and The Hrrilarr are officially admitted to Confederation

3730 - Late Breaking News

The first military Esper-Group is fielded, 1st Special Services Platoon of the 3rd Avalon Combined Infantry Regiment (Mercenary/Clan Excalibur), in a Limited Independent Action (aka Mercenary War) on Landeswhere IV with disastrous results. Despite the outcome, it proves the possibility of adding a Paranormal element to the military

Rumors of two races known during Federation times, but since lost; the Meersha and Urrval-Trfelan become public knowledge

The Pleiades Farside systems, along with the mercenary fleet-Sharpes Marauders, declare themselves an Independent Republic and secede from the Confederation. Despite the potential political problems that this might pose, the secession is not opposed by Confederation

Still in exile, Dr. J. P. Alexander publishes the essay; "Federation Experiments in Genetic Manipulation; the Neomorphs." This paper outlines the Old Federations creation of an intelligent shapechanging race. The publications premise is that such creatures have existed, undetected, among the rest of the races in Known Space since their creation, over 1000 years ago

Confederation Military Command makes Hyperspace technology public knowledge, giving any system with the resources the ability to construct FTL vessels. This knowledge is made available at any Starport or in any system that a Confederation military vessel stops at, despite protests from various business interests and governmental bodies that are a part of the Confederation, along with the Far Travelers. After the fact, Nicholas Morgan, Confederation Military Commander is forced to resign.

  • Despite his resignation the practice continues sub rosa by Confed military. Within 1 year, no less than 25 systems in Independent and Allied worlds begin to construct their own FTL vessels

Confederation makes all 'Non-Military' class Cybernetic Enhancements legal on all Confederation Class A and B starports

3731 - Happy Days Are Here Again

The Anrak Bar of Arbiters and the Farthe' Independent Constabulary are once again granted Right of Judgment and Police Powers, respectively, by both Confederation and Empire. This acknowledges perquisites that were, officially, lost at the Fall of the Federation of Worlds (over a thousand years ago), but in truth have existed, unofficially, since that time.

  • This (what can best be described as a political maneuver by both Confederation and Imperial governments) edict probably went farther than any other law or ban that has ever been passed by any Federation, Confederation, or Imperial political body to show the people of the galaxy that civilization had once again been established. The reputation of these Old Federation institutions is so powerful that, even an attempt at lip-service to them, shows the average citizen that civilization has once again been achieved in this galaxy. Whether they will live up to their Old Federation reputation remains to be seen.

G'Dril vessels attack several Imperial and 3 Confederation worlds, apparently targeting only systems with military fleets in system. In all cases, the G'Dril are defeated and forced to flee. In only one case, in the Rim Worlds system of Bauer, are G'Dril prisoners taken. The battle was fought between 2 G'Dril warships verses the entire Confederation Rim-Worlds Fleet, consisting of 4 Ships-of-the-Line and 36 Auxiliary vessels.

Confederation launches the first starship of a new type: The Taskforce-Class. This vessel is hailed as the culmination of Confederation and Old Imperial High-Technology.

The New Empire Launches the first starship of a new type: The Imperial Command Ship. This vessel is hailed as the culmination of Old and New Imperial High-Technology.

A Mixed-Race inhabited world, Silver City, is re-discovered on the Imperial border by Grey Fleet 11.2 (The Orphans). Despite the fact that it is an Old Imperial Sector Capitol (and probable repository of Old Imperial secrets) the Emperor; Jano I, makes the information public knowledge to the Confederation and Far Traveler governing bodies.

3732 - The Present Day