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JazzSorcery is a [[Jazz#Genre_modules|genre module]] for [[Jazz]]. [[JazzCore]] is required.
JazzSorcery is a [[Jazz 3.0#Genre_modules|genre module]] for [[Jazz 3.0|Jazz]]. [[Jazz 3.0:JazzCore|Jazz]] is required.

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JazzSorcery is a genre module for Jazz. Jazz is required.


JazzSorcery provides suggestions and optional rules for sword and sorcery games. "Sword and sorcery" was a term coined by Fritz Leiber in 1961. Sword and sorcery games feature fast action, smoky taverns, and characters who are more concerned with their own fortunes than that of the world. Unlike JazzWizardry, magic in JazzSorcery is of a personal nature: magic is powerful, but it is also difficult and dangerous.

Genre conventions

Typical descriptors

For primary descriptors, choose one word from Column 1, and one word from Column 2. For secondary descriptors, choose one from either column. Or make up your own descriptors (with the GM's permission).

Typical flaws