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Outpost in the wilderness

Riverton Colorcoded
Riverton Underground

Riverton? Well, it's not much to speak of, really. Compared to the Jewel Cities in the East or the great ice palaces of the Frozen North it really isn't much. For some reason, though, it manages to survive in what must be some of the most inhospitable real estate this side of WherevertheHell we are. It must have something to do with its proximity to The Crossroads. Lord knows its proximity to that shithole of a City isn't doing it any good; though they tell me that used to be a pretty impressive place.

Otherwise, it's what? A thousand souls, from what I've seen. Mostly humans and Dwarves... I'm told the Undercity is quite impressive. I couldn't say, though. I've never taken the underground tour. The creatures living in The River there are quite a collection, too. I don't know if they count toward the census or not. Though quite nice folks all around. You know how it goes in farm towns, everybody makes due with what they've got and helps each other out.

There are an impressive amount of ruins around the place; everyone I spoke to told me Riverton used to be much bigger. You can tell, the towers for the city walls, for example; the north/south ones are stone and quite impressively constructed, as are the towers on the riverside. The towers on the west wall, though, are made of wood and several steps below the others in terms of defensibility. The wooden ones are obviously much newer. Who knows? The town itself may have been a part of the City or it might have extended east across the Great River as part of whatever those ruins were on the other side.

-Staff Sergeant Gerald Hart, C.N.A. Marine Raiders, 1945

Things to Know in Riverton

Riverton used to be much bigger, everyone in Riverton will tell you so. There are just over 1000 people in Riverton. Their tech-level is late medieval with a few differences. They have running water in most buildings; similar to the Roman aqueduct system (i.e.-they bathe frequently), the dwarves live in mostly underground dwellings. They are democratic in outlook: anyone with an intelligent opinion is listened to. They normally use a barter/credit system to pay for things.

Basically, they are the pinnacle of a self-sustaining, pre-industrial society; any good thing that people can come up with prior to 1400 is in use here. They are willing to use Tech or Magic or Anything Else, they just don't have any.

-Common idioms in Riverton:

"She's a Concept, she is." or "She called up her Aspect and displayed her Attribute, she did." This is usually used to denote someone who did something impressive.

Or: "Who does she think she is? A Primum Knight?" Used to denote someone getting all high-and-mighty.

Or: "They can't tell Entropy from Effluvent." For someone who is totally clueless.

Or: "She's messing with Entropy, she is." To denote someone doing something they shouldn't.

Words like "robot" and "magician" are also common. As are "Prime" or "High-Tech."

Or very commonly: "Anything goes." To denote the world at large that cannot be understood.

There is no all-pervading religion in Riverton, everyone seems to do their own thing, philosophically.

There are no maps in Riverton, people can tell you where something is, but to put it down on paper seems, to them, odd.

People of Note in Riverton:

Ariatne-Captain of the Militia and Town Councilor

Trakor- Lieutenant of the Militia and Dwarf Town Councilor

Zenfu-"Political" Town Councilor and Banker

Sheen-"Agricultural" Town Councilor and Farmer

Sedcan-Town Doctor

Twowaters-Native American-Type Transplant

Errillar-Amphibian Town Councilor, "Water Agriculture" Farmer and Underwater Militia Scout Leader

Tron-Four-armed blacksmith

Edmund Montjoy-Papermaker, Corporal of the Militia and the only person in Riverton who owns a firearm (a M1903 Springfield Rifle)

Deacon Rivers-Blue-skinned Town Historian and Scribner

Dak Nethers-Militiaman and Former Postman

Min-Asian-looking middle-aged woman who runs the tavern and hotel

Usa, Frenn, and Denna-Min's son and two daughters (15, 13, & 8) who help her run the Inn

Zill and Drell-Twin Anthropomorphic badgers, farmers, and militia scouts

The Tavern at Riverton