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The City

Free-Fire Zone on an Epic Scale

The City

"The City. That is what they call it, and it deserves no better a name than that. Even that is being polite. This is a city only in the fact that it conforms to the accepted norm of what constitutes a city; that is a random collections of large buildings spaced practically on top of one another.

Otherwise, it is best described as a pestilential Hellhole, full of scum and gallows-bait of all races. There it sits, better than two days travel in any direction and in the way of every productive road to follow. Cross its borders and you are assured that something bad will happen, for I can guarantee you that someone in there wants to steal your belongings or rape your horse or eat your soul or some other acts so awful and terrible that sane people cannot even conceive of them. Conscription into some Warlords Army tends to play highly in many scenarios there.

I am told that there are some places worth seeing within its boundaries, the Coliseum, Pendragons Information Exchange has an office there, the Underground is quite lively, and I have even visited the Invisible Apartment Complex, where all the worthwhile Creatures have fled. Try as I might, I could not secure rental on an apartment there, though many were happy to provide me with lodgings of a temporary nature.

The graveyard in the swamp just outside of town and the Necropolis to the South and West of The City might go far in explaining the large number of Undead wandering through its streets. Like all of the Undead, these are best avoided."

-Lord Ansheyalfenn,

Ranger of the Northern Reaches

2341st Year of the Dragon Radbif

Riverton and The City-North View

The city in the distance looks like a collection of every architectural style one can imagine, and a few one can't, all jumbled together; Imperial Roman next to Modern Manhattan next to adobe. Looking the place over a few things stand out:

-Unless otherwise pointed out there is no electrical power running.

-The place stretches from horizon to horizon. At a guess it is at least 40 miles from one side to the other.

-The buildings get taller the further towards the center you go. Some of the buildings in the center look to be full-fledged archologies and may be kilometers tall.

-Unless otherwise pointed out all the buildings are in the same state of disrepair, they look like they were abandoned a month or so ago.

-Usually, inside the buildings anything that could be carried off was. If it's bolted down or otherwise permanent it is still there.

-The Subway System still works (Just ask Roy).

-After looking things over people will realize that there are usually blocks of buildings together that are all in the same architectural style.

-The City is not abandoned. There is quite a lot going on inside its boundaries. Most of it appears to have nothing at all to do with Our Heroes.

There is a massive Necropolis-style City-of-the-Dead-type Graveyard South and West of The City and a smaller graveyard at the edge of an enormous swamp to the North and East of The City. The land to the direct West of The City appears to be open scrub desert.

As mentioned before, The City is huge; it stretches across the horizon and encompasses every style that one can imagine, from any time period. The edges of the place appear to be ruins, getting taller and taller the further you go towards the midst. The buildings in the center appear to be full-fledged arcologies and there is still power running in the center. Despite this, the center of The City does not appear to be a hospitable place. There is a fair amount of conflict going on in the streets. The tech-level and intensity varies from encounter to encounter. In the distance gunfire is common.