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Legacy: War Of Ages 30th Anniversary Edition

Legacy: War Of Ages 30th Anniversary Edition

Legacy: War Of Ages 30th Anniversary Edition is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
Legacy: War Of Ages 30th Anniversary Edition is published by Kalos Comics.

(NOTE: This is a work in progress.)

Authors' Note

It has been thirty years since Legacy: War Of Ages was first published in 1993 by Black Gate Publishing. How time flies.

The year before, in 1992, the US Congress had amended Section 304 of Title 17, making copyright renewal automatic, and dramatically curtailing the entry of works into the public domain. The same year, Rutger Hauer starred in Split Second, an action movie set in a London permanently flooded due to what was then called "global warming". The Internet was the domain of universities and academics, and Gopher was the primary way that people interacted with it. The World Wide Web was literally invented while we wrote Legacy: War Of Ages. The iPhone was 14 years away.

The future was not yet written.

In 2023, Legacy: War Of Ages seems quaint, even amateurish -- and for good reason. It is an artifact of its time. Despite its dated "cyberpunk" inspired setting and its long weapon lists (which were already falling out of fashion at the time), we think the core theme of Legacy is still relevant: life is short, even for immortals. Don't waste it. Appreciate your friends and loved ones. Make sure they know you care.

Because no one lives forever.

Brandon Blackmoor
March 17, 2023