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The creation of a character in VERS is in two parts, creating the character profile, which is the basic personality and roleplaying parts which have minimal impact on the mechanical aspects of the game, and those mechanical aspects, which deal with the actual parts that are involved in the dice rolling.

The character profile is made up of the character's talent, motivation, anchor, flaw, and relationships, and codifies not how the character acts, but why. These are chosen at character creation, not purchased, and if they change during the course of play, they don't cost anything.

The mechanical aspects of the character define what the character can do in terms of rolls, target numbers, and bonuses. During character creation these are purchased with Build Points (BP) and are purchased and upgraded with character points (CP) after character creation.

For more information about the character's profile, check out that section.

For more information about Mechanical Aspects of a character, check out that section.

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