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While neither purchased directly, nor figured from other attributes, this is simply set based on guidelines for the setting and genre.


Size Example Chart
Rank Height/Length Example
-10 21 mm A large insect
-9 42 mm
-8 84 mm
-7 1.68 cm
-6 3.16 cm
-5 6.25 cm A mouse
-4 12.5 cm A kitten
-3 25 cm A puppy
-2 50 cm A house cat
-1 1 m A child or large dog
0 2 m An adult human
1 4 m A horse, a giant
2 8 m A young dragon
3 16 m An ancient dragon
4 32 m A sea serpent

Size approximates how large or small something is. It’s not a precise method of measurement but instead a rough guide for making estimations. While Size ranks primarily measure the volume of an object, for simplicity a GM should estimate based on height of bipedal creatures or the length for quadrupedal creatures.

Size primarily factors into three areas: Movement, Reach, and Strength. A character’s Movement is equal to 5 + Size + Agility + ½ Athletics. A bipedal character’s Reach is equal to their Size, while a quadrupedal character’s Reach is equal to their Size -1. Finally, a character’s starting Strength is equal to their Size and their maximum Strength is equal to their Size + 5. If a character’s size changes for any reason all of these related characteristics also change to match.

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