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'''[[VERS]] -> [[Book I - Player Rules]] -> [[What They Can Do]] -> [[Attributes]] -> {{PAGENAME}}'''
Social attributes describe the details of how a character interacts with others. Does he command attention wherever he goes? Does she have a way of engendering confidence and trust to those she speaks to? Is he hard to embarrass or slow to anger?
== Presence ==
Presence is the attribute that represents a character’s social power. It measures that intangible allure that appeals or repulses without a word. It is the quality that makes certain people stand out in a crowd that often stems from some combination of features, confidence, and posture. Characters with a high Presence are often the centers of attention, although they may not always exalt in that attention. Having high ranks in Presence is not equivalent to narcissism, however. Characters often feel as uncomfortable with their recognizability as they feel flattered. Sometimes such characters are as likely to make people feel uneasy as they are to make them feel welcome. The one adjective often used to describe characters with a high Presence is “intense,” and those who know how to harness that power are quite dangerous.
== Charisma ==
Charisma is the attribute that represents a character’s social finesse. It measures the ability to say or do things that put others at ease (or on edge), subtly manipulating them into seeing things the character’s way or getting them to divulge important information. A character with a high Charisma is often thought of as silver-tongued and can talk his way into (or out of) nearly any situation. Also often popular at parties, a high Charisma character is usually a conversationalist par excellence, carefully balancing well-told stories and anecdotes with attention to others to make them feel at home around them. One adjective to describe them would be charming.
== Composure ==
Composure is the attribute that represents a character’s social resistance. It is a character’s ability to ignore taunts and insults, overcome depression, and act even when terrified. It is a collected calm that prevents both rage and panic and allows characters to remain focused in stressful situations. Characters with many ranks in Composure are often calm and in control regardless of the situation, rarely giving in to a sense of panic or dread. This can lead to them being perceived as disconnected from events or disinterested in them, even if that is not the case. Those characters that excel in Composure are often described as “cool under pressure” or “unflappable.”

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