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Combat Overview

Initiative: Roll a combat, agility, or speed trait at the beginning of a combat. Actions proceed each round from highest roller to lowest.

Attack: Roll a combat, strength, agility, or similar trait. Compare it to the defender's roll. A non-combat trait can only be used for either attack or defense each round. You hit your opponent if you beat your opponent's defense roll.

Defense: Roll a combat, agility, or similar trait. A noncombat trait can only be used for either attack or defense each round. You get one defense roll for each attack made against you.

Damage: On a successful hit, subtract the defense roll from the attack roll. Multiply the result by the weapon's damage factor to calculate the damage done.

Armor: The defender determines armor protection (usually 1 point for casual armor, or one or two dice for good armor). Subtract this protection value from damage done to get damage taken.

Lost Hit Points: Subtract the damage that exceeds armor from the target's hit points. If the target is at half hit points or below, they take a penalty die on further actions. If at 0 hit points or below, the target is out of the fight. If at a level of hit points equal to the negative of their normal hit points (e.g. -21 for a character with 21 hit points), they are purchasing agricultural real estate.

Recovery: After a chance to rest and recuperate (maybe half an hour), you recover half the hit points you lost. After that, you recover only by rest or medical care.

Damage Factors
Unarmed combat X1
Throwing knife X1
Knives, lead pipes, throwing axe, etc. X2
Swords, axes, etc. X3
Light handgun or SMG X3
Medium handgun or SMG X4
Large handgun or SMG X5
Light Rifle X6
Heavy Rifle X7
12-gauge shotgun X10*
Taser X5**

* Divided by "distance dice" (see "Weapon Ranges").

** All damage from a taser is temporary. Record it separately; it all comes back when the character recovers.