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Bonus Die
An extra die rolled with the normal dice for an attempted action when the character has some advantage. Drop out the lowest die before tallying the total for the roll.
Experience Pool
The number of dice that a character can use as bonus dice each game. They double as a measure of experience and can be "spent" to improve traits or develop new traits.
Fringe Powers
Powers not readily recognized as possible by the mundane world, including abilities that could be classified as psychic or magical.
Game Moderator (GM)
the person who coordinates the series (i.e. "gamemaster").
Game Moderator Character (i.e. NPC, or non-player-character), a character run by the game moderator.
Hit Points
A measure of a character’s ability to take damage and punishment. If reduced to 0 hit points, you’re down and out of the fight. A character deep in the negatives is either dead or will die without medical care.
In combat, or other intense encounters, a unit of time in which a character can generally take one action. Represents about 3 seconds of time in the game world.
Penalty Die
An extra die rolled with the normal dice when the character has some disadvantage. Drop out the highest die before totalling the roll.
Player character, a character run by one of the players.
Psychic Pool
Represents how often a character can use psychic or fringe powers.
a string of related game sessions, a "campaign."
A feature of a character, representing a skill, personal characteristic, fringe power, talent, or aspect of one’s background. Traits are usually good, but some (called "flaws") are bad.