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Rules Overview

Character Checklist

Your character includes:

  • Concept
  • Traits & Signs*
  • Hit Points
  • Experience Pool**
  • Motivation
  • Secret
  • Important Person
  • Name, Background, Equipment, Finances, etc.

* One central trait and two side traits (one of these is your superior trait); one flaw; a sign for each trait (including the flaw).
** Your experience pool starts as one die.


When you use a trait, you roll a number of dice equal to its score (usually three dice, or four dice for your superior trait).

If you get a bonus die (by having some advantage), you roll an extra die along with your normal dice and then drop the lowest die out of the bunch. If you have to roll a penalty die (from having some disadvantage), roll an extra die along with your normal ones, but drop out the highest one.

You compare your roll vs. that made by the GM, usually representing a GMC's traits. You succeed if you beat the GM's roll or the difficulty factor she assigns.

Sample Difficulty Factors
Task Difficulty Factor or Dice to Roll
Easy 4 1
Moderate 7 2
Hard 11 3
Really Difficult 14 4
Near Impossible 18+ 5 or 6

Your Experience Pool

You can use the die in your experience pool to improve one roll per game session. Once you use the experience die, you cannot use it again in that session. The dice from your experience pool act as a bonus dice. As you play, you can acquire more dice for your pool.