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Gifts are exceptional abilities that a normal person can have, but that most people do not have. The details of each gift are highly dependent on a character's background, so the player should work with the GM to flesh out these details. Each gift costs one character point. We suggest spending about 5 character points on gifts.

Typical Gifts

This is a list of typical gifts found in a Warlords of Kruhl game. This list is not exhaustive. A character may well have a gift not listed here, subject to GM approval. However, any new gifts should be approximately as useful as these gifts, in order to maintain a sense of fairness with other characters.


A character with Ambush can prepare a specific location for an encounter at that location. The character must spend at least ten minutes preparing the site, and the preparations must be complete before the arrival of the expected opponents. The character and all of their allies gain a bonus die on their first attack during the encounter, even if their opponents are not surprised by the ambush. The character may only prepare one location per encounter.