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Commanding the arcane forces of the universe is not as straightforward as performing a mundane activity; if it were, everyone would do it. All magic is opposed, if not by the struggling of the victim, then by the contrariness of the universe as a whole. Using Thaumaturgy or Theology to cast a spell is either resisted by the intended target, or it is a remarkably difficult (DV 6) task when the target is not a person or creature.


The more aspects a spell has, the greater its cost in Arcane Power or Sacred Power. Each aspect increases the cost by 1 Arcane Power or Sacred Power.

  • Effects last beyond a single turn (Endurance damage, for example)
  • Affects multiple people or an area (maximum area based on the caster's Power Level)
  • Unnatural effect (Endurance damage is a natural effect; turning someone to stone is not)
  • Spell summons a creature to aid the caster
  • Spell effect could not be accomplished by a single person without magic in less than a week


The cost in Arcane Power or Sacred Power can be reduced by up to half (rounded in the character's favour). Each technique reduced the cost by 1 Arcane Power or Sacred Power.

  • Ritual (2d6 * 10 minutes)
  • Rare consumable materials
  • Gestures and incantations
  • Personal focus (wand, staff, amulet, holy symbol)
  • Sacrifice (an animal... usually)
  • Contagion (personal item or part of target)

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